Effective lobbyists are the ones viewed on Capitol Hill and throughout Washington as honest brokers who provide truthful, verifiable information to policy makers on both sides of the political divide. Whether you need to connect with influencers on Capitol Hill or across the federal government, Huguley LLC can advocate on your behalf with Members of Congress, congressional staff, and the executive branch to help you achieve your policy goals. Huguley LLC has spent three decades building a network throughout Washington to ensure there is not an office on Capitol Hill he cannot reach or an issue on which he cannot strategically advise. He understands who is most important to the legislative and regulatory processes, how those individuals think, whom they listen to, and what influences them.

Grassroots and Grasstops Advocacy

Advocacy works best when the voting public is involved in the process. When you need voices to amplify your position, Huguley LLC can help identify, engage, and inspire public participation. Huguley LLC fundamentally believes the right voices at the right time are essential to successful advocacy and that authenticity is the secret to success.

Stakeholder Management

The competing demands for attention and resources in Washington make coordinated action among like-minded stakeholders all the more important to achieve success in the public policy arena. Building and maintaining a viable coalition can make herding cats seem simple, but there is nothing more rewarding than successfully aligning a group of organizations to achieve a common goal. Stakeholder management requires someone who can inventory the resources of interested parties and then develop a plan to allocate those resources to achieve success.